P&C Projects

P&C Projects in 2019

$4,000   Tuck Shop Upgrade

P&C Projects in 2018

$22,000  Yarning at Everton Park – Yarning Circle and Community Garden (Thanks to the ‘We are Queenland’ Grant)

$3,000   New Uniform Shop

$1,000   Friendship Garden (Thanks to Queensland Children’s Week grant)

$1,000   Native Bee hive installation and educational talks for students (Thanks to Queensland Child Protection Grant)

P&C Projects in 2017

In 2017 the P&C made several contributions to different projects across the school, including the yearly provision of $25,000 for the provision of iPads, multiple computers, interactive whiteboards and STEM programs.

$28,800 Shed upgrade (Thanks to Brisbane City Council/Education Queensland Grant – School Sport and Recreation Facility Upgrade)

$30,000 Terraces Upgrade

$35,000 Music Room upgrade – (Thanks to Community Gaming Grant)

$6,200  Tuckshop Shadesails – (Thanks to Cancer Council Grant)

$1,200  3D Printer purchase – (Thanks to Telstra Grant)

$17,000 Installation of five air conditioning units

Past P&C Projects

Listed below are some of the projects the P&C has contributed to over the previous few years.

$25,000  IT Provision (Per year past 6 years)

$15,000  Enhancing the Special Education area

$5,000    New library books and home readers

$3,600    Two Classroom amplifiers  (for kids with hearing loss)

$2,000    Junior playground upgrade

$1,800    School shade tent/portable gazebo

$1,000    Art Club, for equipment and provisions

$1,000    Garden Club, for equipment and provisions

$500       Purchase of Athletic singlets