About EPSS P&C Association

The Everton Park State School P&C Association is made up of an Executive team, school parents, local government representatives, EPSS PCYC representative (OSHC) and several members of the school executive.

Listed below is the executive group, as voted in at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

  • President:  Tanya Milgate
  • Vice President:  Beki Dixon
  • Secretary:  Leyla Stanbridge
  • Treasurer:  Elspeth Harvey
  • U&T Sub Committee:  Sam Nicolson
  • Swim Club Committee:  Kylie Griffiths

There are many official roles within the P&C however taking on an official role is not compulsory.  If you are interested in further information on the official roles please CONTACT US

For further information on P&C membership and meetings please CLICK HERE

From Our President……
It’s often said that school years are the best of our lives. Why do you think that is? Is it because of the people we meet, the surroundings we learn in, the experiences we have? I expect it’s different for everyone & perhaps a little bit of all of those. For me, thinking back all those years ago, I remember feeling comfortable, safe, included. That was my village, somewhere that wasn’t home, yet I still felt connected. My vision is to make sure our children have that same feeling of belonging to something special. We’re lucky enough to belong to a school that is envied for its community feel & spirit.

Regardless of who we are or what we do, we’re all here first and foremost because of our future. The students of EPSS are our future leaders, decision makers, caregivers, Parents and Citizens. We know, that through education, these students will learn the skills that will set them on a path for the rest of their lives. The classrooms of EPSS contain our future. And we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a positive influence on that future.

Tanya Milgate
President, P&C 2018