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Donate to our School Building Fund!

In 2017 we set up a School Building Fund, this allows us to receive tax deductible EPSS Bld fund Fundraising_Thermometerdonations!!

The Everton Park SS Building Fund is solely for providing money to acquire, construct or maintain school buildings and cannot be used for any other purpose. Any donation that you make to the fund is tax deductible.

We would like to invite you to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation into our SCHOOL BUILDING FUND for the provision of AIR CONDITIONING.

The school does not receive any funding to install air conditioning and as this has proven to be a hot (!) topic over previous years the P&C voted that funds initially donated into the building fund would be used to get a unit installed in each classroom.

Each unit costs approximately $3,300 to be installed….so you can appreciate the level of funds we are trying to raise!

PLEASE put the word out to family members, local businesses and community members that our School Building Fund is MORE than READY to receive ALL donations!  See overleaf for the P&C membership form detailing all of the payment options available.

Any amount of donation is welcome, remember EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COUNTS!!

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation or would like further information on what the building fund can be used for please CLICK HERE


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